When should we bring in a planner?

We aren't going to lie; planning a wedding is probably one of the most stressful moments you will go through in your life. Between researching vendors, creating a style that suits both you and your budget and the dreaded guest table assignment things can quickly build up if you aren't used to them.

Bringing in a planner can and will ease your stress and burdens for the big day. So when should you bring one on? Well it depends on the planner or the level of help that you need? Ultimately a planner can help you start from the very core of your dreams and work your way out. We personally love working with couples from the very beginning, even before the venue and date has been picked. However we can give you a hand in the planning stage all the way to 2-3 months before. If you find you need just that last little push we can do that. However lets split things up.

Planning: Bring on anytime from engagement to 2-3 months prior

On-the-day Coordination: Anytime from engagement to one week prior. (later than this can be done however for the best experience sooner is better.

Styling: ASAP up until about a month before however note that your vision may be comprimised leaving it this late due to rentals being booked out ect.

Bump in/ Bump out: If you just need someone to set up your items once again; anytime from engagement to one week prior.

Custom Made: 3 months + plus!

Rainy Day Backup: A few months out to morning of.

By no means do you need a planner but remember: All the jobs we can do will still be there to do. And family and friends are great but why put the stress on them? The investment for a good planner will translate across the board - we can secure hard to get vendors and often end up saving you money in the long run.

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