Wedding + Pregnancy?

We have seen a few of our fellow wedding vendors talking recently about couples asking to postpone due to surprise babies! Whether you would like to keep with the original plan or move your date here are a few tips to get you through this amazing time of your lives.

First thing's first: don’t panic. Whether your pregnancy was planned or a total shock, it’s an incredibly exciting time in your life. And, you totally can and (likely will) have the wedding of your dreams and take the expressway to parenthood with grace—although, you will probably hit a few speed bumps along the way.

To help ensure you arrive to both destinations safely and with your sanity intact, here is a step-by-step guideline of what to do in the months leading up to your wedding date and due date.

Plan for the Unexpected

This is a central rule of wedding planning in general. Try as you might, you can’t control every little detail. As soon as you find out you're pregnant, it’s smart to consider how your due date will affect your wedding date. How close are they? How far along will you be on your wedding day? Becoming pregnant a few weeks before your wedding will barely change anything with the planning, but becoming pregnant 8 months before you wedding may require you to move your wedding date to sooner or later for not just convenience but comfort.

Who to Tell

Depending on how far along you can think about how many people to tell. If you are a first time mum you generally will not show until around 14 or so weeks; even then there are ways to hide a baby belly with softer skirts and big bouquets. If this is the case but you would still like to keep it under wraps, we would recommend telling your on the day co-ordinator at the very least so they can ensure you are getting the right food and drink for the day. We would also say tell at least one member of your bridal party so they can keep an eye on you and have some sick bags handy (You never know when you’re going to get nauseous). If you are further along or at the stage you would like to announce on the day, there a many cute and fun ways to tell your guests on the night for an even bigger celebratory party.

Stay as Organized as Possible

When expecting a baby your to do list suddenly doubles. Its is more important than ever that you stay organised and on top of things. Creating a master schedule with timelines and deadlines that outlines all of your to-dos for both events. This should include all vendors that need to be booked, contracts and outlines of deliveries. Being as organised as possible can help alleviate stress and create a better experience for both the planning and the pregnancy.

If you are feeling overwhelmed at any point during your planning journey consider bringing on a wedding planner. Having someone else who not only has the experience but can be a massive support for you, can take the stress so you can focus on the more important changes in your life and will help everything run more smoothly.

Delegate and Ask for Help

Now is the time to ask for help when you need it—even if you think you might not! We would recommend making a list of the most important tasks for your wedding and the top five people you can rely on to ask for help. Then, deliberately match up tasks to people and ask for detailed and specific help.

Be direct: Instead of saying, ‘I could use help with my wedding planning,’ say ‘I want to have a rustic menu of simple sliders and sides, can you please research three possible catering options for me in the next two weeks?’ Ensure they are comfortable with your list and that you can trust them with providing the best options. People appreciate having clear direction for how they can be useful.

Keep It Simple

It is so easy to get caught up on Pinterest and keep finding new trends and ideas that can eat up time, energy and can be massive budget eaters. Skip the multi day wedding events that are so popular today such as rehearsal dinners, recovery brunches and instead focus on making your ceremony meaningful to you and your partner and create a comfortable experience for your guests. If you get thinking remind yourself that the trade-off for adding more is added stress not just for you but on your baby and budget.


Whether it’s a brunch buffet or a plated three-course meal, don’t forget that you may need to alter your wedding-day menu, not just for food, but for drink also. Ask your bartender to craft a special signature cocktail that can easily be made non-alcoholic, or sparkling apple juice is a perfect replacement for champagne if you aren’t ready to announce to people just yet. Ensure you talk to your caterer about the importance of using pasteurized cheeses and fully-cooked meats, too even if it is just for your food.


Your main focus throughout your wedding—and baby-planning processes—should be caring for yourself and your baby-to-be. Planning a wedding means a lot of time at tastings, fittings, meetings, and so forth, which can mean a lot of hours sitting (not good for swelling or varicose veins!). Not only can exercise boost blood circulation, but it also helps keep your energy levels up, eases any bodily tension, and helps alleviates stress.

Make sure you’re sleeping a solid seven to nine hours each night, fuelling your body with a healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients, and exercising on the regular—even when pregnancy symptoms have you craving your couch.

Wedding Dress

If you have already purchased your gown no matter what stage of purchase/alteration, find/call a reputable tailor as soon as you notice any body changes and come up with you game plan. Depending on style or features it may be easy to let out or redesign.

If you haven’t purchased yet you are in luck and can make an estimate on how you will be for your big day, just remember it is always safer to size up! You can easily tailor a larger dress down. Opt for silhouettes that include an A-line, high waisted gown in a light fabric. For something more glam fishtail gowns can be altered to fit a baby bump just opt for a corset back.


If you’re thinking of postponing, get in contact with your vendors ASAP to allow for finding a new time, and ensure everyone is still available. Most will be more than happy to move with appropriate amount of notice. There’s no judgement or need to apologise in these circumstances we are always just happy to see you have a great day.

Talk soon


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