About Haven

Haven Productions is a refined Wedding and Event Planning company based in Newcastle owned by the talented Casey and Cass.

The company specialises in “environmentally aware events.” It was formed to help couples plan their dream wedding from the very beginning with proposals to the very end of the wedding night with an emphasis on trying to be as environmentally neautral as possible through offsetting the impact that events have.

Together with their team Casey and Cass dedicate their expertise to create elegant, timeless, exclusive and unforgettable weddings into which we adds that extra touch of bespoke style. Our approach to the wedding planning is ensuring she offers first class services that reflect the kind of celebration her clients require.

Thanks to our extended network, we can recommend the best vendors in Newcastle and make every little idea a reality. 


The Small Details

We work with budgets big and small to create a moment in time that you will never forget. 

Our success is deeply rooted in our care and consideration of you and your partner and being able to fully break down what it is you want.

Our Environment

Did you know that the average 80 person wedding puts 2.5 tonne of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere?

That’s more than 5 times what the average person in NSW puts out in a year. Through a number of initiatives such as recycling, sourcing local and making sure all of our vendors pass a green initiative test when we first book with them; we are the company for the couple who cares.

It is our job to offset the carbon footprint of every wedding and event we look after. We do this by donating to charities that specialise in reforestation in Australia and the NSW area like Ecologi and Carbon Positive Australia (formerly CNCF) so you know that your big day directly affects your future in a positive way.